Your Quality Management Investment Rating Service
Quality Management Services are activities that help to meet requirements, such as the reduction of the carbon footprint of a building. These services are highly beneficial for sustainable investments in building projects, as they help you calculate the real energy performance of buildings. The QUEST tool helps you to estimate cost and added value of quality management services and which ones are the most attractive to invest in for your building. For further information please go to the QUEST project website or contact us via email at!

De-Risk Your Building Project


Quality Management Services

Cost (per m²)

Value-add (per m²)

Certified Technical Monitoring (ex. COPILOT)
Certified Building Commissioning (ex. COPILOT)
Certified Green Buildings (ex. DGNB, LEED)

The QUEST technical manual

* Certified quality services provided by independent third parties to apporived certification standards
** Indicative costs (verification by accredited expert + certification fees) based on Building > 2000 m² with significant project cost
NOTE re QUEST Methodology: Value-add is predicted by applying research and empirical data to project risk profile. This generates values which are capitalised where appropriate and aggregated.

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